Start your Killbear fun a couple of days early…

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2016 Killbear — North American rally

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The 2016 Killbear Rally is this year’s North American rally. Much of the rally is decided, but you can still join in.

  • Who’s in? You don’t have to be there for the whole week.
    Alan Asselstine is serving as coordinator. 
  • When:
    Beginning Monday, August 8, 2016 and ending Sunday, 14

There is a great overview of this year’s Killbear rally on the Whiffle.

You can find lots about previous Killbear rallies on the Whiffle and USWA website links in the sidebar to the right.

Chip Cunningham,
your USWA Cruising Secretary,
tending Solje W1321
email me only if you must. Try posting a comment first.

Attendance list for 2016 Killbear as of April 29, 2016

Al Schonborn has compiled this list. It is a part of his informative Killbear post here. If you are considering coming to the rally check it out.

Robert & Marijane Mosher; and Susanna Tellschow & Steve Wagner
Fri 5 Aug – Sun 14 Aug
Alan & Mary Asselstine
Fri 5 Aug – Sun 14 Aug
David & Anne Pugh
Sun 7 Aug – Wed 10 Aug
Leo & Joanne Van Kampen

Sun 7 Aug – Wed 10 Aug
David & Kate Coombs
Sun 7 Aug – Sun 14 Aug
AnnMarie Covington & Tom Goldsmith
Sun 7 Aug – Sun 14 Aug
Sean & Quinn Ring; Mauri?
Sat 6 Aug – Sat 13 Aug
Al & Julia Schonborn; Tony & Mary Krauss

Snug Haven Resort
Robin Allardyce & Pat Kuntz

Snug Haven Resort

Fleet’s manifest — put yourself on it

  • Alan Asseltine is your rally coordinator.
  • Who’s crew? What boats are coming?
  • Here’s a link to confirmed participants as of March 8.

Killbear Provincial Park and environs

Ways and means

  • Campsite information is available through the Killbear Provincial Park website.
  • Offer or ask about sharing a campsite.

Other Upcoming Events

The Cruising Arm
the place for general discussion

Chesapeake Cruise
usually out of Crisfield, Maryland in late May

Florida Rally
in Florida on the Gulf in February

Hermit Island Rally
on Casco Bay in Phippsburg, Maine

International Rally
wherever it may be

Wellesley Island Rally
in upstate New York at Wellesley Island State Park at the head of the St. Lawrence